Why is 11 not pronounced onety one – Funny thoughts of the day

Why is 11 not pronounced onety one – Funny thoughts of the day

Have you ever wondered why is 11 not pronounced onety one, why is 11 not called onety one? That is an interesting question which seems to come up with no answer. Here in this article, we will show you some possible answers for this funny and tricky questions. Interesting facts of the day.


Why is 11 not pronounced onety one? Why is 11 not called onety one? In English, eleven and twelve come from “one left over” and “two left over”. Elleovene, from Old English endleofan, literally “one left” (over ten), from Proto-Germanic *ainlif- (compare Old Saxon elleban, Old Frisian andlova, Dutch elf, Old High German einlif, German elf, Old Norse ellifu, Gothic ainlif), a compound of *ain “one” (see one) + PIE *leikw- “leave, remain” (source of Greek leipein “to leave behind;” Here are some possible answers: #1 Ten is not called onety because you have ten fingers and not nine. That part is actually extremely logical and straightforward. Besides, what do you think “ty” actually means? You suggest that we say “one ten” every time we want to say “ten”. Now that is illogical Our cavemen ancestors must have had a sizeable input into the development of our numbers system. For all those who have read Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M Auel, or watched the the very lovely Darryl Hannah in the movie of the same name, it is clear that the breakthrough in counting came at this time. Who can forget the scene where the leaders of the cave tribe are struggling to count beyond ten, and Darryl’s younger version manages to figure it out in about 10 minutes. Of course, not wanting to be shown up, the leaders banish her from the tribe. You can get more information about language through language facts. #2 Our ancestors might have had two extra fingers and could count to 12. When you learned how to count, you did it using your fingers right? As we have a different number for 11 and 12, it must be that our ancestors had 12 fingers. During those early days of counting, this makes perfect sense – it explains why we have different, unrelated words for each of the numbers 1-12. Perhaps our cousins, the Neanderthals, had 2 extra digits. They were of course the more advanced branch of humans at one point. #3 If it wasn’t our ancestors, then perhaps the originator of the counting system was somehow genetically mutated and born with 12 fingers. The sort of person who was thinking about numbers (instead of hunting deer) must have had some sort of genetic advantage, so they could well have had 12 fingers. #4 Perhaps the origins of 11 and 12 came from the ancient, and long forgotten race of Elves. If I had rather pointy ears that are ideal for counting, then I would have invented a number system based on my 10 fingers, and 2 pointy ears. If these numbers did originate from the Elves, then Eleven and Twelve would come quite naturally. #5 I seem to remember the German for 11 is Elf, which backs up point 4 quite nicely. Check out for facts about baby giraffe and amazing animal facts

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