Afred Nobel awesome facts on biology and inventions

Afred Nobel awesome facts on biology and inventions

Amazing facts – The 2016 Nobel Prize Laureates will be announced in this week, Octobor 3-10. Before the official result arrives, why don’t we have a look at facts on the man behind the Nobel Prize? The man left his wealth to fund the awards that bear his name – Alfred Nobel. Here in this article, we have the honour of collecting and giving you awesome facts on Nobel biology and inventions.


Alfred Nobel was born on October 21, 1833 in Stockholm, Sweden. He was a famous inventor, engineer and chemist and founder of the Nobel Prize

Alfred Nobel was also known as “The merchant of death” because he made his fortune through explosives, which were also used for warfare.

Numerous things were named after this great American inventor including the synthetic chemical element Nobelium, the Nobel Prize and the German chemical and weapons company Dynamite Nobel AG.

Alfred Nobel was born into a poor family. He had seven siblings of which only three survived childhood due to lack of money and poor surroundings. The three remaining siblings were all boys.

His brother, Emil, was killed in 1864 during a factory explosion in Heleneborg, Stockholm. Five people lost their lives in total. Nobel focused his efforts on developing the stability of explosives. His research resulted in the invention of a substance which was safer to handle than nitroglycerin, it was called dynamite.

Nobel was only in his twenties when he filed for his first of 350 known patents, this one for a gas meter. This is a special point through Nobel inventions life.

Nobel established 90 armaments factories by the time of his death. He owned Bofors and was the founder of the chemical and weapons company Dynamit Nobel.

There is a fact that Alfred Nobel never married during his lifetime although he proposed to a Russian girl called Alexandra but sadly, she rejected his proposal. There were at least three loves in his life.

He was very good at languages and could speak six languages in total; Swedish, English, French, German, Italian and Russian.

Alfred Nobel died on December 10th, 1896 in Italy. He had suffered from angina and his death was caused by a cerebral haemorrhage. Alfred Nobel was 63 years old when he died.

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