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The special meaning of the last scene in “A Star Is Born”

According to Bradley Cooper, the final scene of “A Star Is Born” is an interesting story and it contains many special meanings.

A Star Is Born is Bradley Cooper’s debut as a director. The film has been reworked up to three times, but for the fourth time, everyone has to admirably praise. Bradley’s Star Is Born is also considered to be the best of the four remakes.

(The article has revealed the film content, considerations before reading).

True to the title, A Star Is Born is the journey to the peak of Ally (Lady Gaga). She learned to defy herself to become a star. But when the career dawn is also the love of Ally and Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper) is not complete round. Their love songs have not been written down, it is still unfinished because a person has not existed. The last scene of A Star Is Born ended in tears and filled the tears of the character as well as the audience.

1. The love of two people

Ally is a self-deprecating girl, but in return she has a special voice. Thanks to her singing voice, she met singer Jackson Maine. When he first heard Ally singing La Vie En Rose at the bar, Jackson was in tears.


Two people go to each other’s life, love each other and share the fatigue of life. Ally has a voice but lacking confidence, she understands that with the music industry only one voice is not enough. It was Jackson who had given her the fire, which helped her to go deeper into the singing.


Jackson Maine helped Ally get closer to the star.

Ironically, when she was famous, his career was down. Jackson sank in alcohol, drugs and other stimulants. One day, he was no longer with Ally. One day he had to leave the world.


The song of both beautiful but not complete round.

When Jackson died, Ally went on stage and sang the song I’ll Never Love Again to remember her husband. That is the song he composed himself. The lyrics of the song are the words of Ally sent to Jackson:

“Do not want to feel another touch

Do not want to start another fire

Do not want to know another kiss ”

I do not want to have any contact with anyone

I do not want to fire any other group

I do not want to get kiss of anyone)


One day, when there was no Jackson in the world anymore, Ally sang the song he composed.

2. When is a star born?

In the two hours of the film, Ally does not realize that he is the subject of the lens and is always avoiding the camera. But when singing the song for Jackson, she ended the film with a strong look directly at the screen. Allyn’s glimpse into the soul of the audience.

Actually, that was the moment that Ally really shines. Her career has just started, and she has achieved even more amazing success. Ally won her self-esteem so she deserved to be sweet.


This is Bradley Cooper’s intentional film scene. He wanted that image to be the birthplace of Ally. Because to the end Ally was able to be himself. She is not shy about watching the audience and says, “I’m here.”

Lady Gaga also said, with this movie, courage inside each person will make them become real stars. It is courage that creates perseverance and helps people move forward. With Gaga (and the audience), the final scene was fantastic.

A Star Is Born is playing in theaters across the country.


Meteorite worth more than $ 100,000 to block the door

According to the Detroit Free Press, a man in Michigan found that a nearly 10-kilogram stone he had used for 30 years was a meteorite worth $ 100,000.

The owner hid his identity in 1988 when he came to see a farm he was planning to buy in Edmore. He saw the stone being used as a clamp to keep the door from collapsing.

The farmer informed him that, by the 1930s, a meteorite had fallen from the sky, making a great noise when it landed. And the next morning he and his father found the rock near a volcanic crater, digging stones when it was warm and bringing them back to the farm.

A few years later, the new owner left and brought the stone, but he did not know how much it was worth.

The opportunity came this year when he noticed that Chicago residents were pouring in and finding pieces of meteorites.

He met with Professor of Geology Mona Sirbescu of the University of Central Michigan (CMU) to verify this bizarre stone.

“I can say right away that this is something special, the meteorite is composed of 88.5 percent iron and 11.5 percent nickel,” said Sirbescu. “It’s the most precious specimen I’ve ever touched in my life, and it’s both physically and scientifically valuable.”

Tears: “Living treasure” is hunted because the mine is three times more expensive elephant ivory
At about 10kg, this is the second largest meteorite seen and recorded in Michigan. According to the CMU, it is believed to be worth $ 100,000.

To be sure, a piece of stone was sent to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC, reinforced this claim.
According to the CMC, the Smithsonian Institution and a mineral museum in Maine are considering buying the meteorite, now named “Edmore” for display.

The owner of the precious stone also agreed to donate 10% of the potential sales for CMU’s earth and atmospheric sciences research.


Venom: The Most Precious Blood Everlasting Monster Ever

Criticism critically accentuates the logo Ten Xu – China appeared extremely prominent on the screen, the audience to the cinema watching Venom with the mind “to know”. However, most of them will realize that the movie is not so bad. Ignoring the fact that it is so far away and so misguided that the character has been brainwashed for generations, Venom is truly an attractive anti-hero.

When the new movie, The Nun, with its boring jump scare and its whimsical hooligans, was thrown away, 27% of Rotten Tomatoes were still $ 330 million (and more) all over the world. Possessing superb performance, the action – the pinnacle of excellence can also “wade back the line” box office revenue despite the rain “brick” from the critics.


Forget Spider-Man Venom 3 and do not read comic to a new Venom.

Set in San Francisco, when humanity is languishing against evil diseases. Carlton Drake scientist has opened a new direction, leaving the search on the ground or the ocean bottom, he ships the space and brings back the specimen from the distance to find new sources of species. However, the Life Foundation project is subject to extremely inhumane rumors. As the arrogant combination of arrogance from the blood, reporters Eddie Broke has sought to dispel this scandal. Because of that, he lost everything from home, lover and work. Then, on the second attempt to expose the true face behind the Life Foundation, he encounters his “destiny” – Venom.

It can be said, Venom is not a movie work is expected. The excellence of the Teenage Spider-Man thanks to Marvel’s hands makes many wish the day Venom returned under his father’s hand. In addition, transferring the rating from R to PG-13 (similar to C18 to C16 in Vietnam), most viewers are dissatisfied. Leaving the bloody monster after the two parts of the film, the extremely successful R label of Deadpool really is a difficult decision.

Nevertheless, Venom’s other comic does not exactly mean that the movie is a disaster. At least, anyone who is horrified in the Fantastic Four obsession Fantastic Four will find Venom a hundred thousand times more attractive!


In order to lower the viewing age limits, Sony has cut its weight dramatically, clearly from the start, and has led to a disruptive circuit. Although Ruben Fleischer is a talented director and the way Sony wants Venom to aim but impotence “three heads six hands” cover all defects. Fortunately, more and more later, a series of dramatic circumstances have filled up these mistakes. Although the audience still find the unreasonable and not smooth at the time of transition, they easily forget about being caught up in the adventures of Eddie Brock and Venom. Compared, the editorial team Alan Baumgarten and Maryann Brandon did better than their Suicide Squad colleagues. However, the film was cut off many scenes of bloody action should be simple to guess.

Tom Hardy’s dissatisfaction with the 40-minute cut was his most compelling, as Eddie Brock was a complete loss to the level of his ability. In the ordinary audience, compared to Spider-Man 3, the reporter was more sympathetic. Impulsive, floating, sometimes very weak but the general pride is not obnoxious. So, despite making a mistake, the old girlfriend is still willing to help him. However, in the film that the reason that Tom Hardy must possess the full glory, Eddie Brock is lost to the spotlight by another. Turns out, “Eddie Brock” Tom Hardy is just the opposite. The protagonist is an alien – Venom.

If Eddie Brock’s iconic “rose pink” more or less, the level of “bleaching” of Venom in his own name must surely reach the level that the laundry detergent dream forever not see. From Spider-Man’s metamorphic metamorphosis, Peter Parker, to the end of the classic series directed by Sam Rami becomes a nightmare, now Venom has become a parasite hard for anyone. hate it

Intelligent, friendly, powerful and super fun, Venom attracts all audiences right from the first time with a loud voice, childlike minds like to show off the adults and behave very well. funny. Although brain-grabbing eateries are not cut, viewers are impressed, but not scared. As Venom explains, he is just “gasping”. In particular, his love for Eddie Brock and the earth was so lovely.

The emotional interaction between Eddie Brock and Venom is extremely well built. There are before there, there is a climax, there are compassion, understanding, understanding and sacrifice. From the first formal meeting, the same overcoming the dilemma, divided by the disagreement to the reunion “beauty” to save “heroes” and join forces against the common enemy. Venom comes to Eddie as Doraemon meets Nobita, sure, most viewers watching Venom will die in love with this perfect duo.

However, because of the focus on Venom, not only “Eddie Brock” Tom Hardy was restricted but the other roles also drowned. Four-time Oscar nominee Michelle Williams deserves more land. In addition, the villain Carlton Drake needs elaborate not only impressed by the winning the prize winning multi-level sales.

Venom does not follow what the public wants, but is this a funny comedy that deserves to be called a disaster? Sony’s new space-building effort – another alternative to Fox or Marvel? Perhaps the audience only really got the answer after sitting to the last minute at the cinema. Of course, do not forget the two amazingly great after-effects credits.


Review of Papillon: An arduous escape

Papillon has officially opened theaters since Friday evening, and this is the movie that Khen Film is most looking forward to this week, because the film is based on the best-selling bestseller in the United States, At the same time, the two main characters are “bloody” in the movie industry: Rami Malek (starring in Mr. Robot) and Charlie Hunnam.

Papillon is the name of the movie and also the name of a character in the movie (Charlie Hunnam plays). Blamed for murder, Papillon was expelled from France and sent to exile at Devil’s Island prison. Here, the guy pride quickly acquainted and fell in love with rich guy Louis Dega (Rami Malek) – who was sentenced to imprisonment for fake bonds. These two men assign tasks to each other, Dega will pay the costs of escaping, while the big Papillon takes on the role of bodyguard, protecting Dega from being murdered by fellow prisoners. of the. Despite being well-guarded by the prisoners for not being able to escape from prison, the two have repeatedly planned to escape from the island of Devil, seeking freedom for themselves.


The movie begins with the legendary mantra “Based on a true story” that will always make the audience excited and more excited to watch, with this movie too. Papillon started off lightly by describing the two main characters in jail, then quickly showed the prisoners the dangers of being transported to prison. during hard labor at the prison. The relationship between the characters is detailed, giving the viewer the closest and most authentic view of the prison in 197x.

According to the information received by the film distributor in Vietnam, the film screening in our country is full, absolutely not cut off a second, so do not be surprised if you see on The screen is a lot of bloody, horrible way to infiltrate your intestines to get money, and the knife on the back of someone else is not the cut watermelon character of Dega. All of these details were completely rewritten, so the audience shuddered to witness the unthinkable that they would be in prison: the abuse of prison staff sex with prisoners, or straightening the heads of those who dare kill people, taking bribes to arrange leisure …

Not only are the audience happy with the bloody stabbing, Papillon also invested in sound correction. The gunshot, the mourning of the prisoner, or the sound of the guillotine are all true, clear direction and turn the room into a real prison. That’s great things that have helped Papillon reach approximately 7/10 points on IMDb, and 71% of Rotten Tomatoes fans say they want to watch this movie, experts also almost agree with 52% fresh”.

Papillon deserves you to spend the time and money you have to enjoy. With a great cast and great acting, live sound, true image, how can you stop your eyes from the screen until the end!


Review Summer 84

Followed by the success of IT, Summer of ’84 ‘- The Vietnamese version of The Amazing Race was inspired by the disappearances of children in suburban America in the 1980s. As a film genre horror film labeled 16+ but the film is not too scary and enough to hit the audience.


Set in the summer of 1984, the movie ‘Summer of’ 84 ‘tells of four curious and desperate boys who learn about a neighbor and suspects him to be a murderer. Davey’s summer joy and three friends quickly move from child-play hide-and-seek to tracking the “suspect” living in the house next door. But as they come closer to the truth, they are more and more unaware of the dangers that await them.


The film belongs to the horror genre, so no supernatural elements or jumbles scare the audience. The atmosphere of thrill, thrill, sensation is not enough capital, and the episode is a bit long, causing viewers to feel a little bored and have to really patient to sit at the end of the new film flashes a few episodes. Horror movies, but the Summer season looks more like sex education movies, mainly the segments of the group you see adult magazine and discuss about sex.


In return, the cast of children in the film is quite good role, express and natural. Background scene in 1984 should look nostalgic from the costumes, homes, background scene with blue falls look beautiful.

In short, the Summer of ’84 ‘season is a semi-seasonal, horror film but not yet. Not enough or to make you buy tickets to the theater this holiday.

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[REVIEW] Iron Fist Season 2 – a new begin and welcome trade for the series

Iron Fist is perhaps the least expected display in Netflix’s wonder series of marvel collection, with the first season having quite a few flaws that make it into the “not-so-appealing” category. the first affect is important, and letting the television collection get uninteresting within the eyes of the target market is a dark be counted, specially with the long movies.

within the 2nd season, the staffing turned into modified a lot, maximum extensively the presence of M. Raven Metzner changed with the aid of Scott dollar, the series has recognized the shortcomings and high quality modifications sure. initially, what is the exceptional manner to have a less attractive most important person with a cooler, cooler man or woman? In Season 2 of Iron Fist, the filmmakers determined to sell the position of Colleen (Jessica Henwick) from a supporting person who has landed with the primary character, even info. than. With this in thoughts, the target market has what they need from both Colleen and Danny: Colleen pulls the tale together, and draws the target audience, and Danny is the one who offers the key info, preserving the story going. too some distance.


next, go away the assembly scene, the scramble for half of-season holidays among the characters that no one cared for. the second season of Iron Fist does not waste a whole lot of time in how the Rand organisations perform, what number of shareholders it’s miles and what modifications are welcomed via any target market. It does no longer take lengthy to see Tony Stark sitting on the table to discover he owns a enterprise, so does Danny. within the first episode of season 2, we meet a extra popular Danny, who chooses a informal porter far from the business enterprise’s issues to get familiar with the existence and people of the city. Danny remains incredibly boastful, but can be greater accurately known as “self-confident”, no greater aggressive snobbish phrases or actions.

one of the biggest modifications for the collection is that the preventing scenes had been tons higher and greater airy than ultimate season. every punch, kick, melee has now been subtle and brought the spirit of Asian martial arts in it and especially those scenes are made via the principle actors themselves. nonetheless, it has now not reached the level of the suffocating duel ever visible in Daredevil, but that is a massive improvement over the primary season while Finn Jones isn’t prepared for the function and has to use plenty of stunts. inside the scenes.

After the occasions of the mini-collection The Defenders, it seems Danny is the most affected whilst he now feels the need to take on the big apple’s former street shield Matt Murdock. The Hand has been destroyed, okay’un-Lun is not protected, Danny will become pretty insecure when his desires are taught almost all of the young people is now became smoke. adventure to locate your self, locate the cause of Danny Rand right from the handiest, the tale is extra charismatic than a mundane masters at some stage in the day yelling that he wishes to wreck the group and satisfied each person in useless even though no person believed almost 12 hours of the movie.

even though there was an awful lot development and progress, the brilliant spot of season 2 isn’t always Danny however it is Colleen female friend, who can now say is preserving the function as a “Iron Fist” girl, both in phrases of content material and form, and the big name of the film. The destiny of the protagonist is now hiding at the back of the assisting man or woman will not be a stable step long-time period and not what the enthusiasts need. unless the filmmakers have a manner to remedy the trouble to raise Danny’s reach, if not in the modern-day path they’ll ought to determine to make the protagonist inside the film into Colleen and explain that Iron Fist in the title. movie is the identify of the collective power of the right, and the movie is the tale of the collective collecting of humans. As soon as that happens, it can be stated that the Iron Fist series will autobiography.

Season of Iron Fist has improved more than before, but has not but reached maturity. however, with the cutting-edge adjustments, the series has had a solid basis to address in the subsequent season: the main solid has now had a charismatic and powerful plot. With only a little bit of sophistication in plot improvement and right appearing, Danny Rand of Finn Jones can return to the distinction and emerge as the iron fist that people want. it’s miles the responsibility of the director and the cast of the series to escape the risk of being abandoned. One incorrect step can turn viewers faraway from the series. We preserve to stay up for the high quality signs of Iron Fist’s next season.


Again to formative years days with Little Mermaid

Oceans of starting place (The Little Mermaid) takes audiences again to formative years days, where fairy testimonies are usually unusually appealing to each of us. And due to the fact the target market of the film isn’t always adults, so for those who’ve “antique” soul, this film is a bit bored.

historical Ocean is a movie based on a mermaid fairy story. have you ever heard about the fifteenth birthday, will the mermaid be allowed to land as soon as in existence? after which, at the same time as out of the water, she by accident fell in love with a good-looking prince. And love flourished, the mermaid had to trade the most treasured matters to get the legs to locate the prince. The movie is made inside the equal manner, with the tale of a mermaid who’s bossed circus boss to earnings and deprive the energy of the fish. A handsome reporter with his niece seems at the circus and plans to rescue the little mermaid from the circus boss, bringing her returned to the ocean.


The content of the film will be extraordinarily predictable, due to the fact nearly all people has heard as a minimum one fairy tale then. Even the little female subsequent to Khen film today also regularly anticipated the events that followed. constructed for children, the film is very simple, from the speak to cutting the scene. The characters will understand simple sentences, not meaning what deep meaning, pay attention a way to apprehend usually. performing is likewise simplified, actors do not want to try tough to describe the temper of the person, the whole lot is simplest average, horizontal.

The good-looking reporter (performed by way of William Moseley) will rescue the mermaid
in the meantime, cutting the scene too all at once to alleviate the element of violence will on occasion make the person target market experience bored. as an example, two characters combat, the opposite hand is touched and the other is reduce scene and fall scene. This approach is repeated commonly, specially in times of warfare. Many scenes inside the film are darkened, it is difficult to see, even though filmmakers remember that the purpose of the manufacturer is to create space this is hectic, formidable memories but it seems no longer achieved. Sound is likewise low-give up, maximum of which are simply stereo, in a few rare new stereo scenes, however additionally less mind-blowing.

The Vietnamese subtitle is extraordinarily oblique, the sound goes beforehand and the subtitle is half a 2nd past due, providing you with a movie-like experience like this in web-galleries, no longer as complete within the theater.

fairness fair might also make the youngsters glad whilst the fairy stories approximately the mermaid are on the massive display, and dad and mom will in all likelihood yawn yawning with this film!


[Review] Mission: Impossible- Fallout | Tom Cruise Confirms Super Star Level

Twenty-two years ago, when James Bond changed from Pierce Brosnan to Daniel Craig and was about to move on to the new man, Tom Cruise’s agent, Ethan Hunt, was persistent and unconquerable.

It has been two years since Ethan Hunt handled Salomon Lane to the government. However, the obsession that he caused him can not be erased. Especially when Lane’s limbs in the Syndicate have gathered, calling themselves apostles, conspiring to destroy the world. The situation is even worse when Hunt fails in his Berlin mission. Bringing a million lives to life, Hunt has plotted the Apostle far more than ever. He had to go to Paris to look for “stolen” items …

Due to the scheduling of filming the Avengers 4, Jeremy Renner denied that Mission: Impossible- Fallout, the favorite character of Brandt, had disappeared without explanation. In return, familiar names are present. Hunt continues to fight with his best friends Benji and Luther. With that, the MI6 spy – Ilsa is back with a new mission full of surprises. However, the most awaited part of this was the CIA Walker employee “Superman” Henry Cavill assumed.

Watch Mission Impossible Fallout putlocker 5

Of course, the soul of the Unfailing Trial is always Ethan Hunt – Tom Cruise.

Right from the 1st part, Mission: Impossible impressed the audience by the “procedure” to take the task “if arrested, the organization will deny all responsibilities” of the IMF. Suspected, betrayed, disbanded … The IMF may be considered the most “intelligence” organization in history. But Ethan Hunt is the representative of the IMF image is always consistent with the original idea.

It can be said, Ethan Hunt was created for Tom Cruise. Although Hollywood has more talented actors, it is unlikely that anyone will ever be able to become his second Ethan Hunt. Tom’s acting skills are not in the form of no-one-to-one, but his love for work and his sacrifice for the role have earned him all respect and become him. among the most loved actors in the world. Tom Cruise does not mind learning to fly a plane for up to 16 hours a day, without the body itself to carry out extremely dangerous action. When filming Mission: Impossible- Fallout, Tom broke a bone and was hospitalized for several months.

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After looking for a way to bring down the IMF in the previous section, Secretary Alan Hunley moved to become secretary at this organization. Owing to the Hunt team’s involvement in the Rogue Nation, he and Hunt are close friends and have become a solid backstage for spies and friends on their journey around the world to fight the conspiracy to destroy the world. Hunley’s success at the CIA was a triumphalist and more personal than he ever was – Erica Sloan. “He likes to use a scalpel and I prefer to use a hammer.” Both Alec Baldwin and Angela Bassett all show the star performers at the finish. These two tough roles.

The most glamorous Fallout, unfortunately, Henry Cavill is completely disappointing. Faces as Greek gods do not save the rigid performance skills. He did not have any points even though the land was better than the rest of the members. August Walker must be a difficult character, but, as well as dozens of previous films, the handsome British guy continues to make the audience depressed. The only thing worth remembering is the “mustache” made Warner Bros. It costs millions of dollars to get rid of the brick and mortar mines in the Justice League.

Compared to the movie Mission: Impossible-Rogue Nation, Simon Pegg does not have much land. Still, the American actor is impressed by his humor, Benji is a gentleman in the heart of the 147-year-old heart-throb scene. Luther’s Ving Rhames also makes the viewer touched by his care and understanding for Ethan.

After the movie Snowman “spray” pity, Rebecca Ferguson gouged Fallout. The MI6 spy team continued to work closely with the IMF team and devoted a series of high-profile action scenes. Not showing off her fiery body, Ilsa has only simple clothes, but this does not make her less attractive.

The Mummy scenario last year was a bitter defeat by veteran screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie. Fortunately, he regained his Fallout style. Mission: Impossible 6 is also his fourth movie in the director’s seat. And McQuarrie’s sweet fruit makes anyone jealous.

Mission: Impossible- Fallout has a very fast rhythm. The audience was drawn to the story and the tension was in the swirling series, with almost no one-minute break. These franchisees like speed, guns, melee, climbing … all appear very smooth, not forced. Viewers will surely be overwhelmed by the chase scene between police Paris and Hunt, across many famous French landmarks. Racing is always focused on Mission: Impossible but perhaps this is the best shot ever. In the midst of the action scenes that are now running in monumental proportions, which transform into a science fiction film, the scenes of the Unforgivable Mission are as true as possible.

Still with the legendary iconic music, the masked face is ironic Halloween festival and the familiar face turn, Mission Impossible: Fallout has given the audience an excellent performance. While Hollywood is struggling with its sequel, the new Fallout movie is a spotlight that can not be ignored.


“Phao Dao”: Audience should be prepared spirit, the film is about to “wrong” to the wrong!

Following the events from the previous episode of movie tutorials , after eradication of Nations Chan (Save enemy), Prince Infinity ( Ruan ) has completed the mission and quickly return home Thien Rights The center of five continents. Shortly thereafter, Phu Dao ( Duong Mich ) and the Post Office also wandered to the imperial palace.

"Phao Dao": Audience should be prepared spirit, the film is about to "wrong" to the wrong!  - Photo 1.

Phù Dao appears in the capital city of Thiên Quyền.

Not in the outskirts of the kingdom, Phu Dao has accidentally caught up and became acquainted with the two princesses of Toan Water – the holy woman – also the fiancé of the head of the Antioch. However, on the way, due to disease epidemic so the princess can not go to the palace on time. During the boiling fire burned, Phat Lien was

"Phao Dao": Audience should be prepared spirit, the film is about to "wrong" to the wrong!  - Photo 2.

Although knowing the danger, but because of gratitude, Phu Dao still agree. She held the card of All Soul and headed straight to Imperial Palace.

Here, the first person that encountered Phao Dao is the great prince Thien Quyen – who in ancient times received the help to counter attack. As soon as she knew the body of the Buddha, she turned the face and changed her attitude. He also asked Phao Dao and personally invited her to advance. However, soon smells of the evil nature of the great prince, Phao Dao does not listen to his arrangement.

Pho Dao and Tieu Viet (Lai Nghe) help the place to live.

In the people do not have much money, in the land of the countryside, Phu Uy luckily met the Vietnamese god of medicine and also he was covered in bags. One day, Tong Viet asked Phu Dao to collect valuable medicinal ingredients. Did not know what charms have made Pho Dao intruded into the office of the head of the Antioch to steal precious medicinal plants.

"Phao Dao": Audience should be prepared spirit, the film is about to "wrong" to the wrong!  - Photo 4.

The Prince of the Infinite see Phoe Dao running to her.

Meet the injured after many days, both in the heart of each other also hard to describe. Phù Dao has always been responsible for the head of the Anonymous Evangelist, who deceived her once and for all. The mouth is scolding, but Phu Dao is happy and happy too.

The head of the Imperial Volunteers has not yet revealed his true identity to the goddess.

After returning to the five-color frogs, the Prince of Antioch invited beautiful people to drink a glass of rejoicing. Men drunk, Chief of Radio Antoine to lock the second Phào Dao. However, this time, he was again rejected by beautiful women. The idea that the opportunity to kiss sweet was closed, the expectation that Pom Veda actively touched the lips with the Prince. And, of course, the head of the Infinite Universe did not hesitate to compliment Phao Dao!They both kiss passionately after many days.

"Phao Dao": Audience should be prepared spirit, the film is about to "wrong" to the wrong!  Photo 9.

For the first few seconds, the prince felt shocked so he did not have time to adapt.

The second sweet kiss between the head of the Infinite and the Rainbow

The affection between Phu Dao and the head of the Vô Trô em force is deepened. Upon returning, Phu Dao blushed and laughed at Prince Siddhartha. Unfortunately, she still thinks that the person she loves is just a regular part of the prince Prince power. Power couple dating together secretly in the forest for a whole day.


Phù Dao is smiling, and is caught by Tong Viet.

However, the bright and romantic sound of this work is unlikely to last long when Phu Dao is about to be drawn into the war of right to earn the title even more bloody and cruel than the time. Thai Uyen. All the big face characters in the Heavenly Kingdom, everyone is obsessed with tastes and ready to make every trick to get it.

"Phao Dao": Audience should be prepared spirit, the film is about to "wrong" to the wrong!  Photo 12.

The late empress, the head of the Infinite Monk, immediately took Ph? Dao to teach her a lesson in power and politics.

"Phao Dao": Audience should be prepared spirit, the film is about to "wrong" to the wrong!  Photo 13.

Emperor Tian-Tuan always has his own plans.

"Phao Dao": Audience should be prepared spirit, the film is about to "wrong" to the wrong!  Photo 14.

Phayao entered the palace with the body of the Holy Mother of God – fiancée of the Arctic. She is the treasure that every soul wants to win. Because if you marry her, it will be supported by the whole country.

Missing, the real part of the Phù Dao discovered in Thiên Quân is how to be when she is the thorn in the eyes of the Empress Yuan, who always wanted her son Prince Antoine Prince married the holy Buddhist female to throne? Phù Dao is also a young woman who had the sharpness that Chief Truong Huynh needs to eradicate. Dang danger, Phu dao again to suffer another accident again?

"Phao Dao": Audience should be prepared spirit, the film is about to "wrong" to the wrong!  Photo 15.

The blood-throbbing sword, torn clothes and fainted with the great prince.

Current Time0:01

Introductory episodes 33 – 34 “Phao Dao”

Check out the next episode of the charming film of the Dao of the evening of July 11 on Zhejiang or Tencent radio station, iQiyi.


Luis and the Aliens Review

Luis and the Aliens Review: It seems that when the Disney and Pixar giants dominate most of the world’s animation markets, there are still movies produced by lesser-known filmmakers, but they can make an impression. certain in the heart of the audience. Luis and the Aliens are one of the few individuals to achieve that. Films that are not sophisticated in their line of paintings or possess such wonderful songs as Coco, do not carry as much social implications as the Incredibles 2, but Luis and the Aliens still perfectly meet the criteria of a set. Cartoon for children: simple, humorous and rich humanity.

The film on zmovie is extremely simple, revolves around the boy Luis, who has an unhappy life to live with his father as astronomer, believing that alien creatures will someday come and Invaded the Earth, so in addition to sleeping litter, he just stared at the sky every night, leaving almost the son has lost his mother. Luis accidentally met and made friends with three strange alien creatures and they began the adventure of fleeing the pursuers.

Luis and the Aliens 1

The main content is simply a strength of the film. Many well-known cartoon directors and scriptwriters have so many implications that sometimes it’s hard for adults to figure out how the children who are the mainstream audiences of the genre can understand. To However, that simplicity does not come with the blandness shown through the trailer.

The brothers Lauenstein still know how to keep the laughter instead of the yawns of the audience with a series of humorous charms throughout the journey of the boy Luis. Continuous situations where the writer is convinced that no matter how sad you are, when you see it must also laugh and then it is embracing and laughing. And if you choose to watch the voiceover, the level of humor will increase because many modern words translated by the translator plus the voice of the voice actors are also very cute.

In addition to humor covering the two directors also do not forget to include the human values of family sentiment that specifically is the father and son. Luis is a young boy who lives in his mother’s absence, so he can take care of everything from home cleaning to home cooking and caring. his father. Although almost not received the attention from his father but Luis never angry or blamed his father but he is very angry with him.

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Luis and the Aliens 2

Living in a situation of lack of both emotional and material but Luis still has a very optimistic view on life. This is a costly lesson but is conveyed extremely gentle to the young people are the same situation with Luis. No matter how tough the situation is, it can not affect how you choose a pessimistic life or vice versa. And another lesson for parents is that no matter how passionate you are about your work or your busy life, there is always something called family and that’s the only place. There are people waiting for me to return.

Controversy is always a big issue for many films whether it is a film invested carefully. But Luis and the Aliens solved that problem very well. The last boss is quite impressive and the final battle takes place just enough to make the viewer not feel down. The smart way to handle the situation, which leads to the conclusion that everyone can also be satisfied. Overall, Luis and the Aliens is a great cartoon for parents to take the kids to see this summer and when the movie ends, remember to linger for a few more minutes because there will be an interesting surprise. little bit later.

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