10 amazing things to know about bass guitar

Music facts about bass guitar

10 amazing things to know about bass guitar

Bass  guitar or also simple known as bass or even electric bass is a kind of modern musical instrument that’s used widely to make great melody for a wide range of music. Keep reading on to get some of the most amazing facts for kids about bass guitar right below here.

Music facts about bass guitar

The Characteristics Of Bass Guitar

Even though electric guitar and bass guitar have some similarities, both also have differences. The bass guitar has four to six strings. It also has longer neck.

About its tune

The tuning for the double bass and four string bass usually is the same. During the live performances, the bass guitar is plugged into a speaker or amplifier. Check facts about bassoon here.

Bass Guitar’s popularity

Bass guitar has higher popularity since 1960s. In the popular music performance, the double bass had lost its favor. It was replaced by the bass guitar.

The main role of the bassist

The style when you play the bass guitar is determined based on the type of the music. But there are two primary roles for the bassists. They have to establish the beat and anchor the harmonic musical framework.

Music genres

There are various types of music combined with bass guitar. Those include reggae, country, punk rock, pop, metal, alternative, jazz, blues, gospel, or even rock. Find facts about pop music here.

The solo instrument

You can also spot the solo performance using bass guitar in metal, rock, funk, Latin, progressive rock, jazz fusion or even jazz music.

The Material

Wood is considered as the common material to create bass guitar. The wood is used to create the fretboard, neck or even body of bass guitar. But some bass guitars are made by using graphite.

The common wood

The common woods to create bass guitar include walnut, ash, mahogany, alder, rosewood, or even poplar.

Common Type Of Bass Guitar

The common type of bass guitar is made of rosewood fretboard, maple neck, and ash and alder body.

The exotic wood

There are some high qualities and expensive bass guitars made of the exotic wood. Due to the attractive grain, cocobolo was used to create the top layer and body of bass guitar by Alembic.

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