Cat and her warning to her owner about breast cancer

Cat and her warning to her owner about breast cancer

Breaking news: Cat saves owner’s life by detecting she had breast cancer twice.  Amazing facts for kids.

Angela Tinning knew there was something wrong when her normally aloof moggy Missy suddenly started bombarding her with attention and pawing at her breasts.

She said: “If it wasn’t for her I’d never have caught it so early and I might not be here today.”

Angela had ignored Missy until she knocked her breast, causing her pain – and she went to her GP. You can also check out to get more cat facts.

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The doctor found pre-cancerous cells that would not have showed up on a mammogram.

Finance officer Angela, 43, of Newcastle, was given the all clear in 2013, but three years later, Missy started playing up again. Angela went straight back to the doctor and found the cells had returned.

She is now being treated and says Missy has saved her. Angela added: “I had read about this kind of thing happening with dogs, but to be honest I thought that it was nonsense. But Missy never lets us pick her up or cuddle her unless it is on her own terms.

This is how we realised something must be wrong, because it was so out of character. “When she changed her behaviour the second time it filled me with dread. I knew exactly what it was before I got to the doctors.”

Missy was picked out of a litter by Angela’s daughter Amber, 11. Now Missy is up for a Cats Protection Hero Cat Award.

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