Enjoying Authentic Thai Gourmet – A Small Tour

Enjoying Authentic Thai Gourmet – A Small Tour

Thailand is the Royal Kingdom lying towards Southeast of Asia. The country is visited by tourists for its pristine beaches, great climate and mostly for the lip-smacking Thai gourmets. It is one of the most complicated well-advanced cuisines of the world. Thai cuisine is more like an art where the right ingredients are used carefully in a well-structured procedure to create a culinary excellence. Even the aroma of a Thai dish can invoke your taste buds. It can bring out all the sensations ranging from sweet, sour to even tangy tastes. All the flavors and aroma are a balanced blend and there would be no excess of any flavor even with so many elements involved in it. This is achieved with the heart of the Thai gourmet that remains as the main part of the dish with the rest of it working on this central element. And this heart is mainly rice. There are several varieties of rice and the most popular one is jasmine rice. As the name suggests it is known for its fragrance. Regardless of the time of the day, rice becomes a part of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Each time it is made in varied styles and flavors accompanied by soups and curries. The time taken for Thai gourmets is due to the complexity of the dishes. Fresh ingredients are used right from the herbs to even coconut milk. Coconut milk is the base of most Thai dishes and the Thai people will never use frozen or canned ingredients when cooking authentic Thai food. The preparation procedure plays an important role in the final outcome and therefore it is done with utmost care. Unlike other cuisines, the chefs do not give away the preparation and grinding procedures to their helpers and they make intricate effort to make the pastes and curry. Enjoying-Authentic-Thai-Gourmet Seafood is very abundant in Thailand and Thai gourmets have it as an important aspect. Seafood cooked in coconut oil is made in varied flavors and combined with rice. Fish sauce is either used as it is or added to dishes to improve its taste factor. One of the top popular Thai dishes is Tom Yung Goong soup. It is made of two main variations, with or without coconut oil. The basic soup is spicy and fierce. The taste is made milder with the coconut oil. While talking about Thai gourmet, one can’t leave apart the role of Pad Thai fried noodles. It is an ancient dish and has evolved over the years with several variations. Thai food contains herbs and spices which add to the medicinal value of food. Garlic and other spices can cut down the impact of the oil used in the Thai Gourmets. There are even more Thai delicacies famous all across the globe liked by many. You can find Thai food anywhere you travel as it has become a finger-licking cuisine among all! Source: ezinearticles.com

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