World Series quick facts you had no idea about

Since Major League Baseball’s World Series gets underway, it would be better to know about this baseball’s championship matches. This can prod you to watch and support after having a closer look at 10 World Series quick facts you had no idea about. Factoflife


1. Championship Game Predates World Series Prior to the first World Series in 1903 and from 1884-1890, an Exhibition Series occurred between the champions of the National League and the American Association (a rival association that folded in 1891). The event was disorganized and thrown together by the teams themselves. Sometimes the Series lasted three games and others as many as 15. When the American Association dissolved, the National League continued as the only league. 2. Only one “world champion” team didn’t come from the United States. Despite the competition’s all-inclusive name, only one team not based in the United States has won the World Series: the Toronto Blue Jays, victors in both 1992 and 1993. Only one other international team—the now-defunct Montreal Expos—has ever even played in the major leagues, though they never appeared in the Fall Classic. Though there are talks of expanding into Mexico or other nearby countries (travel time makes a truly international sport difficult), an American “world champion” is a virtual guarantee for now. 3. Only One No-Hitter It is the fact that Yankees’ pitcher Don Larsen recorded the only no-hitter (in this case a perfect game) in World Series history during Game 5 of the 1956 Series. 4. Most Consecutive Scoreless Innings Pitched was 33 With 33 consecutive scoreless innings pitched, Whitey Ford holds the World Series record. Previously, the record holder was Babe Ruth, who pitched 29 2/3. 5. World Series was Cancelled Twice The player’s strike in 1994 cancelled that year’s Fall Classic, while a rivalry between the Boston Pilgrims and the New York Giants ended the 1904 Series. During World War II, the Series continued, however many of the best players fought overseas and were missing from the games. In 1943, the New York Yankees won the Series without Hall of Famers Joe DiMaggio, Phil Rizzuto, and Red Ruffing. 6. First Pinch-Hit Home Run was in 1947 Yogi Berra hit the first pinch-hit home run in World Series history in Game 3 of the 1947 World Series against the Dodgers’ pitcher, Ralph Branca. The Yankees lost the game, but won the Series in seven games. 7. Managers with 7 Wins had the Most in a World Series Former Yankee managers, Joe McCarthy and Casey Stengel, set the record with each winning seven World Series games during their managerial careers. 8. It’s a Small World It may be called the World Series, but it doesn’t seem like the rest of the world gets to play. The Toronto Blue Jays are the only team outside the US to have won the World Series – they were back-to-back champions in 1992 and 1993. 9. Most Stolen Bases was in 1967 Super-fast Lou Brock from the Cardinals set the single-season record with seven stolen bases in the 1967 World Series and in 1968 he tied it. He also shares with Eddie Collins the largest number of career stolen bases in the World Series, 14. Check out amazing animals facts and giraffe baby


Interesting Cristiano Ronaldo Facts – Sport Facts

Factoflife – Even if you are not football fan, you might know or hear the name of Cristiano Ronaldo. It means that he is so famous in the world not only in sport field. So, what do you know about Ronaldo? These Cristiano Ronaldo facts below might surprise you. Check it out!

cristiano-ronaldo-facts (1)

1. Cristiano Ronaldo has scored a goal in every minute of a game over his career When Ronaldo found the back of the net against rivals Atletico Madrid in the 7th minute earlier this year, it gave him an astonishing statistic that not even Lionel Messi can match. With that goal, Ronaldo has now scored in every minute of a 90 minute game. This fantastic stat proves how lethal Ronaldo is and how he is a threat at all times in a game. He has also scored over 20 goals in the 90th minute, making him a clutch, prolific and deadly scorer and one of the all time greats. 2. He can jump higher than the average NBA player Ronaldo’s aerial ability is a key facet to his game, as his ability to soar above the tallest defenders and his upper body strength means that any cross into the box will cause problems for defenders. With a starting run up, the Portuguese star can reach 78 cm off the ground, an impressive 7 cm higher than the average NBA player. A high vertical leap is hugely important in basketball, with most players possessing a huge leap to grab rebounds, contest shots and attack the basket. If Ronaldo was about six inches taller, he may have had another sport that he could dominate. 3. He has less body fat than most supermadels A vigorous workout regime and strict diet has kept Ronaldo in peak physical condition, leaving him with less body fat than most supermodels. A body fat ratio of 10% enables Ronaldo to run, jump and perform at a higher level than most on the pitch, and it will also ensure that he will be able to play at a high level for many years to come. His extraordinary fitness levels and low body fat may be why he is sometimes quick to remove his shirt after scoring goals or at the end of matches, putting everyone watching at home to shame. 4. He has his own fashion boutique Ronaldo opened his very own fashion boutique in 2006 in his hometown, with a second opening in Lisbon in 2008. The brand name, “CR7” represents his initials and shirt number, and is a nickname he has developed over the years. The boutique sells clothes and accessories for both men and women, but the items available are not for everyone, with jeans with leather pockets, diamond-studded belts and patent buckled loafers being just a few of the flashy items available to those that want to dress like Ronaldo. 5. He was diagnosed with a racing heart at 15 Ronaldo is the one of the greatest athletes in the world and in terrific shape. This has not always been the case however, as at the age of 15 he was diagnosed with a racing heart. This caused him to have an irregular heart rate, which could have stopped him from playing and becoming the sensation that he is today. The problem was corrected through heart surgery which used a type of laser, and Ronaldo was back in training just a few days later. 6. His free kick speed is around 130 kmph It has become a famous image in modern football; Ronaldo standing over the ball with a free kick from around 30 yards out. You can understand why those in the wall are nervously trying to cover any sensitive areas and why the keeper has to be on full alert, as his free kick speed is around 130 kmph, or 3.1 metres per second. This is over four times faster than Apollo 11’s launch speed, so if he gets it on target then there is a very good chance that it will smash into the back of the net and leave the keeper wondering what happened. He is able to reach these speeds thanks to his fantastic lower body strength, but also a brilliant technique which many players try to emulate. 7. He is named after U.S president Ronald Reagan His full name is Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, but is known to everyone else as just Cristiano Ronaldo. His father was a big fan of Ronald Reagan’s acting work, which is where the now world famous name “Ronaldo” came from. A few nicknames he has been given over his career include CR7, CR9 and Ronnie the Rocket. 8. He has no tattoos You will find that a large percentage of professional athletes, and celebrities, have at least one tattoo. These often represent the challenges that they have gone through to reach their level of success, but Ronaldo is one of the few athletes that has no ink. This is particularly surprising seeing as he has gone through some tough times and is the greatest footballer on the planet, and the reason for this is because he regularly donates blood. In some countries, you have to wait up to a year after getting a tattoo to give blood, so Ronaldo remains ink free. He also has become a bone marrow donor. Check out amazing facts about animals and tiger facts for kids

Playing chess

Facts and information about chess and playing chess

Chess is a really logical thinking game that’s loved and played by so many, many, many people all over the world. And do you know how many people worldwide know how to play chess now. Check out all the facts right below here to find the answer on your own.

Playing chess

  1. The number of possible unique chess games is much greater than the number of electrons in the universe. The number of electrons is estimated to be about 10^79, while the number of unique chess games is 10^120.
  2. The longest chess game theoretically possible is 5,949 moves.
  3. The word “Checkmate” in Chess comes from the Persian phrase “Shah Mat,” which means “the King is dead.”
  4. Blathy, Otto (1860-1939), credited for creating the longest Chess Problem, mate in 290 moves.
  5. The longest official chess game lasted 269 moves (I. Nikolic – Arsovic, Belgrade 1989) and ended in a draw.
  6. From the starting position, there are eight different ways to Mate in two moves and 355 different ways to Mate in three moves.
  7. The new Pawn move, advancing two squares on its first move instead of one, was first introduced in Spain in 1280.
  8. Dr. Emanuel Lasker from Germany retained the World Chess Champion title for more time than any other player ever: 26 years and 337 days.
  9. In 1985, the Soviet player Garry Kasparov became the youngest World Chess Champion ever at the age of 22 years and 210 days.
  10. The first Chessboard with alternating light and dark squares appears in Europe in 1090.
  11. About 600,000,000 (Six hundred million) people know how to play chess worldwide!
  12. Chess began in India during the Gupta Empire, spreading to the Persian Sassanid Empire, and then to the Middle East after Muslims conquered Persia.  From there, it spread to Europe and Russia.

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Facts about football

Most amazing facts about football, do you know them?

Are you a big fan of football – the most played and most watched sport on earth? If you are, are you sure that you know everything about it? Keep reading on to get some of the most amazing facts about this sport right below here and at the same time, you can check out your knowledge about it as well. They are all sure to surprise you!!!

Facts about football

  1. Football originated in China around 476 B.C.
  2. Football is the most popular sport in the world. Over one billion fans watch World Cup Football on television.
  3. The largest Football tournament saw no less than 5,098 teams. They competed in 1999 for the second Bangkok League Seven-a-Side Competition. Over 35,000 players participated.
  4. The maximum number of goals scored by one player in a single Football match was 16. It was scored by Stephan Stanis (France) playing for Racing Club de Lens in December 1942.
  5. Based on video evidence, one of the fastest ever scored was in 2.8 seconds by Ricardo Olivera (Uruguay) in December 1998.
  6. Football goalies didn’t have to wear different coloured shirts from their teammates until 1913.
  7. Football players run an average of 9.65 kms during every game.
  8. The very first game of basketball was played with a soccer ball.
  9. The World’s First Football Club was the English Sheffield Football Club. It was founded in 1857 by Colonel Nathaniel Cresswick and Major William Priest, two British Army officers.
  10. European Teams have reached every World Cup final, except for the finals of 1930 and 1950.
  11. The highest scoring game was clocked 149-0. Stade Olympique de L’emyrne, a team from Madagascar scored their own goals. They did it as a form of protest for the unfair decision by referee in the previous game.
  12. Ronaldinho came into limelight when scored 23 goals in a 23-0 game when he was only
  13. Celestine Babayaro, Nigerian born Chelsea player injured his legs while celebrating his debut goal in a pre-season match, while Luigi Riva broke a spectator’s arm with his powerful shot.
  14. The first black football player was Arthur Wharton in the 1800s.
  15. Pele was the first to call football “the beautiful game”.
  16. Only Americans and Canadians call football “soccer”.
  17. England came up with the word “soccer”. It’s a shortened version of “Association Football” that was changed to “Assoc Football”. This was changed to “Soccer”. In 19th century England, it was popular to add the “-er” sound to shortened words.
  18. Neil Armstrong originally wanted to take a football to the moon – but NASA deemed it to be un-American.

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Neck pain, stiff neck, sore neck causes, ways to avoid, and remedies

Neck pain is one of the most common complaints from cyclists. It’s no wonder: Cycling is an activity that requires you to maintain a position in which your back is flexed for long periods of time, placing great demands on your neck. Stiff neck causesNeck pain from cycling is probably one of the most common overuse injuries that stems from poor posture and weak muscles. Despite the lack of trauma, the injuries associated with neck pain can be debilitating to the point where it is almost impossible to get on the bike. Pain in the neck or neck pain from riding your bike is a warning sign that your position on your bike or the bike itself is creating undue stress on your neck. The good news is that a few adjustments to your bike and your form can correct the problem. Whether you’re a casual rider or have dreams of riding in the Tour de France, you can take steps to avoid a stiff, neck stiffness, stiff neck, neck pain, and sore neck when cycling. Here are tips to avoid stiff neck, sore neck. Stiff neck remedies, treatment.  Sport and human facts 1. Take the proper position Most neck pain from cycling is muscle stiffness or soreness from sitting in an awkward position for a long period of time. Many people experience neck pain because they are improperly positioned on their bike. If you’re riding a road bike, your head is tipped upward, which can aggravate arthritis in the neck, create pinched nerves and contribute to spinal stenosis. So check your form: Pull your stomach in toward your lower back, elongate your torso, slide the shoulder blades down your upper back and keep your chest slightly lifted while riding. Keep your chin tucked in and stretch your neck during relaxed parts of your ride. Make sure your helmet is properly fitted too. A helmet that isn’t properly adjusted also can affect comfort and neck stiffness. Neck pain cycling causesYour cycling position may be the problem for your stiff neck 2. Find a bike that fits your body and get it adjusted A well set-up bike will help avoid cycling injuries in the long run and will make you a better and more efficient cyclist. If you’re buying a new bicycle, fit is  important.  So try as many different bikes as you can and buy the one that feels the most comfortable. Then get the seat height, handlebar height, cleats and pedal alignment adjusted to fit your body. Even if you are riding an older bicycle that you’ve owned for years,  visit a local bike shop to have it properly fit for you. Most reputable shops often can make small adjustments that can help you feel more comfortable on your bike and get more out of your cycling efforts. The best way to avoid problems with your neck is appropriate adjustments of your handlebars and your saddle, to put your whole spine in a good position. Cycling bike   Pick a suitable bike 3. How to treat soreness You can treat the soreness in the back of your neck or shoulders with heat or ice. Ice is best if the area feels swollen or warm. It’s also a good idea to take a break from your bike until your neck pain diminishes. In the meantime, try some gentle stretches to make your neck feel better. Touching the chin to the chest and then the ear to each shoulder is a great way to loosen up these muscles. If you have neck pain that radiates all the way over the top of your head, numbness or tingling that shoots down the arms, or if the pain doesn’t gradually improve in about two weeks, it’s time to see a doctor. Check out for more coolrandomweird but truecrazyfun, amazing facts, fact of lifefact of the dayfunny videos, video clipsfunny pictures, imagesphotos.

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