Interesting facts about horses

Interesting facts about horses

To understand human speech, recognize and remember the order of 10 years apart, sleeping while standing three feet, the eyes can see both day and night, not ruminating … are interesting facts about horses .

Horses are animals wise, very dear human being. Although the relationship between man and horse has from ancient times, but there are still many interesting facts about horses, but not everyone knows.


Sleeping while standing three feet

Horse sleeping habits different from other animals, including humans. Horses often rest in an upright position, the weight put on the forelimbs and hind limbs, the foot rest will relax. According to Dr. Joe Bertone – a medical professor at the University of Veterinary Medicine Horse Western (US) – the horses will just lie down when they feel safe. However, this very short time by body weight is too large will cause pressure on the internal organs of the horse when lying.

Guess the age via tooth

Scientists at the University of Arkansas (USA) said that although not 100% accurate, but by examining the teeth, we can predict the approximate age of a horse without knowing the date of birth.

Born foals usually have four incisors (2 the maxillary, mandibular second one). If not, then they will grow 8 days. 8 weeks later, the horse began to grow teeth and about 8 months old, they grow enough milk teeth. Then baby teeth falling out and to about 2.5 years of age, they will grow permanent incisors. 5 years old, the horse will have enough teeth permanently.

Baby teeth are often lighter, shorter teeth permanently. At 6 years old horses, their front teeth are often concave looks like a small cup and we filled over time.

At about 10 years old, part gum teeth will grow next part laranh Galvayne call. This groove reach half the length of the tooth when 15-year-old horses. Horses usually have 40 teeth male, while only 36 teeth mares.

Đoán tuổi qua răng

There are many words to call

Depending on age and gender, the horse is known by many names in English as follows:

Foal: Horse figure, male or female, under 1 year old.

Nursing foals, from birth until about 5 months, also called Suckling or nursing foal, from 5 to 7 months to begin to eat is called weanling.

Yearling: Horses from 1 to 2 years old, male or female.

Colt: a male child under 4 years old horses.

Filly: children under 4 years old mares.

Gelding: castrated male horse.

Stallion: male horses (not castrated) over 4 years old.

Mare: Horses on a 4-year-old female,

Thoroughbred: Horse racing.

Height is always measured by hand

Horse height measured from the ground to the top of the shoulder peak bone tumors (between the neck and body), common unit of measure is “hand”, by ancient human hands or used to measure the width of a horse. Today, a “hand” was about 4 inches long standardized, ie 10,16 cm.

Chiều cao ngựa đo từ đất đến đỉnh xương u đỉnh vai

Visible both day and night

Horses have the largest eyes of the mammalian species, the sides of the eyes should be wide perspective (see) more than 350 °, crystal clear eyes day and night. However, the horse kind of bicolored eyes (dichromatic), that only identify the color spectrum contains no more than two (spectral lights). Thus, the horse can not distinguish red and blue, red spectrum containing the horse show and with blue glaze.

Not ruminants

Horses are herbivores are not ruminant’s stomach because it does not have as much to prevent other cattle. However, it can still be cellulosic digestibility. Horses often secrete saliva approximately 20-80 liters per day to aid digestion. The special horse vomiting should not know when poisoning can die easily.

Loyal and intelligent than we think

Ngựa có thể trở thành người bạn chung thủy nhất và lâu bền nhất.

A study published in the journal Animal Behavior Magaztreen said if you kindly to horses, horses can become the most loyal and the most durable. This study also shows that horses can understand the voice of more than previously thought. Our memory is quite good. We remember his face after a long time and distant memory command to 10 years or longer.

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