Interesting facts about Nintendo

Interesting facts about Nintendo

Nintendo Co., Ltd. is a Japanese multinational consumer electronics and software company headquartered in Kyoto, Japan. Nintendo is the world’s largest video game company by revenue. What started out as a manufacturer of card games in 1889 (that’s right, 1889) is now one of the most influential video game companies with a market value of over $85 billion! What else should you know about this giant in the game industry? Here are some greta facts about Nintendo for you to see!

  • Nintendo 64 was a groundbreaking console, being the first to feature 3D graphics. It was also the last major console to use cartridges.
  • It has previously been reported that the Game Boy was the main influence and inspiration for the BMO gadget in Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time series.
  • The Game Boy console was the second handheld system released by Nintendo. The Game & Watch was released in 1980 but didn’t have any outstanding success.
  • Shigeru Miyamoto, legendary video game designer, who’s also the author of Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, has had games on every Nintendo console; his earliest work appeared in arcade games in the late seventies. Time has called him the “Steven Spielberg of video games.”
  • Nintendo attempted to become LEGO greatest competition at some point by building its own brick system called N&B Blocks. Judging from the fact that not many people (if any at all) know or remember anything about this should tell you about its lack of commercial success.
  • As of March 2016, all models of Nintendo DS combined have sold nearly 160 million units worldwide. This makes the DS the biggest-selling handheld console to date.
  • The company’s first venture into video games came when it secured the rights to distribute the Magnavox Odyssey console in Japan in 1974
  • Nintendo’s global revenue has surpassed an astonishing $5.5 billion according to Forbes.
  • Miyamoto’s first NES game never came to the United States because of its demonic characters. Devil World was pretty much a Pac-Man clone and was banned because the protagonist killed demons with the power of the crucifix and the Bible.
  • Nintendogs were inspired by a Shetland sheepdog named Pikku. For the record, Pikku belonged to who else? Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo’s famous game designer.
  • Nintendo had the same president for more than fifty-five years, longer than any other videogame company in history. The late Hiroshi Yamauchi was president and chairman of Nintendo from 1949 until 2005, during which time he became one of the richest men in Japan with a net worth of $2.7 billion.

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