Lion Facts

Lion Facts

Events Lion Fact Of Life Lion Lion is one of the largest cat in the world. They live in the southern and eastern regions of Africa. Lions are social cats live in groups called “swarms”. Each pride is composed of one or two males and a large number of women. larger herds may include about 40 members. Life in a group increases the chances for successful hunting and provide protection cubs. Lion Facts Lion interesting facts about dogs for kids : Lions are carnivores and they hunt mainly antelope, zebra and wildebeest. Although larger lion and stronger, lionesses are responsible for hunting. Lions act as scavengers and often hyenas attack and steal their prey. During a meal, the lion can eat up to 40 pounds of meat. After they fill their bellies, the lion will sleep more than 20 hours. Lion called carnassals teeth and they work as a pair of scissors. minced meat will be swallowed without chewing. Lions are easily recognized by their manes. Bigger and darker mane lion show is very powerful and unusual lion avoid him. Lionesses react differently – they were attracted by large and dark mane. When the lion and lioness meet, they greet each other by rubbing. In this process, they exchange the scent. Lioness gives birth every 2 years 1-3 bears. Cubs have in life, but they disappear in time. When lions and tigers mate, the new type of animal Liger generated name. Liger striped like tigers, but the color of its fur is lighter than feathers tiger. Lions have retractable claws, which means they can “hide” their claws during play and avoid hurting each other. supporting long-tailed lion balanced when running, but it can also be used to highlight different commands for the other members of the pride: “travel”, “I’m flirting with you “,” follow this path “… Urchin is one of the worst enemies of lions. pointy quills can be stuck in the lion’s jaw for the rest of his life. Until they reach 2 years, the lion can not roar. Once they learn how to make sounds, their roars can be heard over a distance of up to 5 miles. When mature young men, older men will kick them out of pride. When they wander alone, young lions are called nomads. If they manage to survive and gain power, they will fight with other lions to take a pride for themselves. When receiving a new lion pride, it kills all the cubs that are not his. In the wild, cubs die ¾ young age. interesting penguin facts Lions live to 15 years in the wild, while they can survive for 25-30 years in captivity. Lion numbers dropped dramatically over the past few decades. They are one of the species are threatened famous.

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