Meteorite worth more than $ 100,000 to block the door

Meteorite worth more than $ 100,000 to block the door

According to the Detroit Free Press, a man in Michigan found that a nearly 10-kilogram stone he had used for 30 years was a meteorite worth $ 100,000.

The owner hid his identity in 1988 when he came to see a farm he was planning to buy in Edmore. He saw the stone being used as a clamp to keep the door from collapsing.

The farmer informed him that, by the 1930s, a meteorite had fallen from the sky, making a great noise when it landed. And the next morning he and his father found the rock near a volcanic crater, digging stones when it was warm and bringing them back to the farm.

A few years later, the new owner left and brought the stone, but he did not know how much it was worth.

The opportunity came this year when he noticed that Chicago residents were pouring in and finding pieces of meteorites.

He met with Professor of Geology Mona Sirbescu of the University of Central Michigan (CMU) to verify this bizarre stone.

“I can say right away that this is something special, the meteorite is composed of 88.5 percent iron and 11.5 percent nickel,” said Sirbescu. “It’s the most precious specimen I’ve ever touched in my life, and it’s both physically and scientifically valuable.”

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At about 10kg, this is the second largest meteorite seen and recorded in Michigan. According to the CMU, it is believed to be worth $ 100,000.

To be sure, a piece of stone was sent to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC, reinforced this claim.
According to the CMC, the Smithsonian Institution and a mineral museum in Maine are considering buying the meteorite, now named “Edmore” for display.

The owner of the precious stone also agreed to donate 10% of the potential sales for CMU’s earth and atmospheric sciences research.

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