Phu Quoc dogs: Myths and Truths

Phu Quoc dogs: Myths and Truths

Phu Quoc dogs: Myths and Truths

Phu Quoc dog is extremely precious and has been reaping the illustrious success on the international arena. Already hundreds of years, reviews Phu Quoc dog still carries many mysteries. A stroll, there are many rumors, Phu Quoc dogs became extinct.

But now, there are many Phu Quoc dog farm. Even Phu Quoc dog is put into conservation of gene lists. A Phu Quoc dogs, puppies several age categories is the price … very long! Yes when only hundreds of thousands of arrival… but also thousands of dollars! Price depends on what the interesting science facts… “like” of the buyer.

Phu Quoc dogs: Myths and Truths

Phu Quoc dogs: Myths and Truths

Most shoppers are breeding dogs on private Phu Quoc, Phu Quoc dog has unusual features compared to grass dog (ie dogs). Phu Quoc dogs swirling feathers … However, when mating in culture conditions, only about 40% of Phu Quoc dogs are born hairless like this vortex.

First, the Phu Quoc dog is said to have spotted fur dog whirls. Very easy to recognize this particular constellation swirling feathers on the back of Phu Quoc dogs.

Secondly, people … “rumors”, the Phu Quoc dog’s leg with the film as the film in the propeller. Thus, Phu Quoc dogs swim very well! Another feature of the Phu Quoc dog is very astute. Some even say, it is easier to teach than the German shepherd.

Phu Quoc dogs outsmart it attached dog owners and obedient to protect all our best. According to rumors, the Phu Quoc dog had non-relatives blocked a cobra bite the owner some amazing facts. Dog tundra of snake bite and sacrifice to save all … Rumors are many, spoiled rotten, really real … A walk, there is information said, Phu Quoc has been .. . extinction!

That’s Phu Quoc dog farm Herbalist existing structures, often called the Six Friends, now in her 60 years. Also see circuit profession, drug loading at his home in Ward 12, District 6 -TP.HCM, Mr Sau Huu many other animal enthusiasts Phu Quoc dog is one.

Friends he said Friday, his love for Phu Quoc since 1968 after a friend from the island offers in City gave him a dog Phu Quoc. Since 2000, when the doorbell rang about Phu Quoc dogs became extinct, he tramped out Friday Huu Phu Quoc and around the island to look for acquisition of Phu Quoc dogs are raised in the family on the island.

Talk to him about six Huu Phu Quoc dogs, can hear him talk all day without getting bored. He also distinguished Six Huu Phu Quoc Phu Quoc dogs but under certain regions in North Island of Phu Quoc dogs, or Cua Cua Lo …

Currently, the Phu Quoc dog farm Herbalist existing structures located in Tan An Hoi, Cu Chi is feeding nearly 50 Phu Quoc dogs which according to him, are all very similar dogs brought from Phu Quoc Phu Quoc Island on farming , for mating and reproduction.

Phu Quoc dogs bred here, in addition to common features swirling feathers, they have characteristics recognizable as feet tall and slim belly. Abdomen shortly after 2 legs were sunken back, akin hound type often seen in foreign movies… read more penguins facts for kids.

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