Pokémon The Movie: Our power

Pokémon The Movie: Our power

Returning to Pokémon The Movie: Our power has returned to serve the audience, especially the little ones who love the cute Pokémon. This time the film is not a story about training Pokémon, but it is an emotional work about the relationship between humans and Pokémon.

Movie content

Pokémon The Movie: Our strength is set in the city of Fura during the days when local people held the Wind Festival traditionally. The theory is that every year on the last day of the Wind Festival, the legend of the Pokémon world, Lugia, will appear and bless the people of Fura, giving the land regular winds every day to the people. sustainment.


But this year’s Wind Festival is not as smooth as the years when the sacred fire was stolen, the wind is no longer blowing and Pokémon Lugia can not find their way to Fura City without the sacred fire. Satoshi and Pikachu were present at Fura to attend the festival, and together with their new friends set out to find the sacred fire for the city.

The journey to save the city of Fura brought the party to meet a super-Pokémon with great power, but it is extremely hateful people. So your team has a lot of difficulties when you want to use your heart to feel super Pokémon.

The Story of Pokémon The Movie: Our power is quite simple. The mature audience is not brainstorming when watching movies, and the little ones are extremely excited with the battle phase class of the Pokémon, especially friends are lovely friends Pikachu.

Satoshi and Pikachu are no longer the protagonists of the movie like previous Pokémon series. But they both occupy a critical place in the film as the lead character of the buggy so people change their minds, love and cherish their next Pokémon friends. The work brings the feeling that Pokémon really exist in life and this is a special feature compared to the movie Pokémon that premiere before.

In this section, the audience will find many interesting characters and the Pokémon also interesting. The characters’ lives are divided equally, so the story in the movie is well connected, bringing the audience from the happy feelings in the battle to win Pokémon to the battle between Pokémon and Pokémon.

Pokémon The Movie: Our power sends meaningful messages about how people deal with people with Pokémon. Keep in mind that how we treat Pokémon will get the same attitude that comes from Pokémon and in daily life as well, your attitude will determine how others treat you like that. any. So treat all those around you with your loving heart and your most loving heart.

Voice actors

Pokémon The Movie: Our strength is one of the few animated voice-over movies that Touch Cinema appreciates. The voiceover cast completes the mission assigned to transforming characters into screen characters with emotionally charged dialogues.

However, there is a character that makes Touch Cinema feel uncomfortable whenever the character speaks, which is Lisa. The voice actor for Lisa is quite vocal, with the vocal despite the best effort but still gives the listener a feeling of unshakable, no emotion as it can not be transformed into a character. Each time Lisa speaks, Touch Cinema feels his emotions drop a bit. If the voice actor is able to mix with the character’s emotions better, the voice of the movie will be more perfect.

Audio, images and effects

Pokémon The Movie: Our strengths are in terms of visuals and techniques that are well done. The characters are designed simply, expressively animated each emotion on the face. The footage has bright colors, the natural scenes show up very honest. The battle scenes of Pokémon bring a sense of power and dramatic.

The sound of the movie is also impressive when using surround sound to make the audience feel the battle of the Pokémon. Many young viewers screamed excitedly when the fight scene with the big sound appeared.

Pokémon The Movie: Our strengths will be our parents’ gift to the kids this weekend. This afternoon, when watching the film Touch Cinema found the children extremely fond of this film. So it will be a pity if our parents miss Pokémon. The Movie: Our strength.

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