Review of Papillon: An arduous escape

Review of Papillon: An arduous escape

Papillon has officially opened theaters since Friday evening, and this is the movie that Khen Film is most looking forward to this week, because the film is based on the best-selling bestseller in the United States, At the same time, the two main characters are “bloody” in the movie industry: Rami Malek (starring in Mr. Robot) and Charlie Hunnam.

Papillon is the name of the movie and also the name of a character in the movie (Charlie Hunnam plays). Blamed for murder, Papillon was expelled from France and sent to exile at Devil’s Island prison. Here, the guy pride quickly acquainted and fell in love with rich guy Louis Dega (Rami Malek) – who was sentenced to imprisonment for fake bonds. These two men assign tasks to each other, Dega will pay the costs of escaping, while the big Papillon takes on the role of bodyguard, protecting Dega from being murdered by fellow prisoners. of the. Despite being well-guarded by the prisoners for not being able to escape from prison, the two have repeatedly planned to escape from the island of Devil, seeking freedom for themselves.


The movie begins with the legendary mantra “Based on a true story” that will always make the audience excited and more excited to watch, with this movie too. Papillon started off lightly by describing the two main characters in jail, then quickly showed the prisoners the dangers of being transported to prison. during hard labor at the prison. The relationship between the characters is detailed, giving the viewer the closest and most authentic view of the prison in 197x.

According to the information received by the film distributor in Vietnam, the film screening in our country is full, absolutely not cut off a second, so do not be surprised if you see on The screen is a lot of bloody, horrible way to infiltrate your intestines to get money, and the knife on the back of someone else is not the cut watermelon character of Dega. All of these details were completely rewritten, so the audience shuddered to witness the unthinkable that they would be in prison: the abuse of prison staff sex with prisoners, or straightening the heads of those who dare kill people, taking bribes to arrange leisure …

Not only are the audience happy with the bloody stabbing, Papillon also invested in sound correction. The gunshot, the mourning of the prisoner, or the sound of the guillotine are all true, clear direction and turn the room into a real prison. That’s great things that have helped Papillon reach approximately 7/10 points on IMDb, and 71% of Rotten Tomatoes fans say they want to watch this movie, experts also almost agree with 52% fresh”.

Papillon deserves you to spend the time and money you have to enjoy. With a great cast and great acting, live sound, true image, how can you stop your eyes from the screen until the end!

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