Review Summer 84

Review Summer 84

Followed by the success of IT, Summer of ’84 ‘- The Vietnamese version of The Amazing Race was inspired by the disappearances of children in suburban America in the 1980s. As a film genre horror film labeled 16+ but the film is not too scary and enough to hit the audience.


Set in the summer of 1984, the movie ‘Summer of’ 84 ‘tells of four curious and desperate boys who learn about a neighbor and suspects him to be a murderer. Davey’s summer joy and three friends quickly move from child-play hide-and-seek to tracking the “suspect” living in the house next door. But as they come closer to the truth, they are more and more unaware of the dangers that await them.


The film belongs to the horror genre, so no supernatural elements or jumbles scare the audience. The atmosphere of thrill, thrill, sensation is not enough capital, and the episode is a bit long, causing viewers to feel a little bored and have to really patient to sit at the end of the new film flashes a few episodes. Horror movies, but the Summer season looks more like sex education movies, mainly the segments of the group you see adult magazine and discuss about sex.


In return, the cast of children in the film is quite good role, express and natural. Background scene in 1984 should look nostalgic from the costumes, homes, background scene with blue falls look beautiful.

In short, the Summer of ’84 ‘season is a semi-seasonal, horror film but not yet. Not enough or to make you buy tickets to the theater this holiday.

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