The special meaning of the last scene in “A Star Is Born”

The special meaning of the last scene in “A Star Is Born”

According to Bradley Cooper, the final scene of “A Star Is Born” is an interesting story and it contains many special meanings.

A Star Is Born is Bradley Cooper’s debut as a director. The film has been reworked up to three times, but for the fourth time, everyone has to admirably praise. Bradley’s Star Is Born is also considered to be the best of the four remakes.

(The article has revealed the film content, considerations before reading).

True to the title, A Star Is Born is the journey to the peak of Ally (Lady Gaga). She learned to defy herself to become a star. But when the career dawn is also the love of Ally and Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper) is not complete round. Their love songs have not been written down, it is still unfinished because a person has not existed. The last scene of A Star Is Born ended in tears and filled the tears of the character as well as the audience.

1. The love of two people

Ally is a self-deprecating girl, but in return she has a special voice. Thanks to her singing voice, she met singer Jackson Maine. When he first heard Ally singing La Vie En Rose at the bar, Jackson was in tears.


Two people go to each other’s life, love each other and share the fatigue of life. Ally has a voice but lacking confidence, she understands that with the music industry only one voice is not enough. It was Jackson who had given her the fire, which helped her to go deeper into the singing.


Jackson Maine helped Ally get closer to the star.

Ironically, when she was famous, his career was down. Jackson sank in alcohol, drugs and other stimulants. One day, he was no longer with Ally. One day he had to leave the world.


The song of both beautiful but not complete round.

When Jackson died, Ally went on stage and sang the song I’ll Never Love Again to remember her husband. That is the song he composed himself. The lyrics of the song are the words of Ally sent to Jackson:

“Do not want to feel another touch

Do not want to start another fire

Do not want to know another kiss ”

I do not want to have any contact with anyone

I do not want to fire any other group

I do not want to get kiss of anyone)


One day, when there was no Jackson in the world anymore, Ally sang the song he composed.

2. When is a star born?

In the two hours of the film, Ally does not realize that he is the subject of the lens and is always avoiding the camera. But when singing the song for Jackson, she ended the film with a strong look directly at the screen. Allyn’s glimpse into the soul of the audience.

Actually, that was the moment that Ally really shines. Her career has just started, and she has achieved even more amazing success. Ally won her self-esteem so she deserved to be sweet.


This is Bradley Cooper’s intentional film scene. He wanted that image to be the birthplace of Ally. Because to the end Ally was able to be himself. She is not shy about watching the audience and says, “I’m here.”

Lady Gaga also said, with this movie, courage inside each person will make them become real stars. It is courage that creates perseverance and helps people move forward. With Gaga (and the audience), the final scene was fantastic.

A Star Is Born is playing in theaters across the country.

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