The most terrifying fact about Barn Owls

The most terrifying fact about Barn Owls

Barn owls are known as the death signaling birds. Let’s us explain the reason why.

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Despite being known as very smart and  lovely birds , Barn owls,  in Vietnam, is regarded as evil because they think that when barn owls call in front of a house, a person of this house will surely be death.

  Barn owl bird calling app 7 hours, death in men, and 9 hours, the effects on women. Rumor has it that, when people are about to die, they release a characteristic smell and hearing birds with sharp pigs, have discovered and signaling. Because such a concept, so when the birds pig intestine called the long éc éc crushing silence of the night, always feels chillingly. Even the birds pigs in the night, will make the whole village talking about death will happen to someone, then compete to guess older people, young guess. Because faith birds bring bad omen, so barn owls disgraced, banished, or even killed. However, scientists do not believe in that. Barn owls is a useful animal. Reference : elephants facts Favorite foods we eat most of rats and some insects. When not hunting mice, lizards feed them temporarily and some other birds. Barn owl is the bird of prey, active mainly at night, usually live in pairs or alone and do not migrate. This animal seem to be slow, calm and mysterious, but they really are the assassins, to the speed of the wind and the razor sharp toenails. In the darkness, black, eyed it without missing a little mouse running at a distance of a hundred meters. Shotting pigs is one of their goal. Some species found in Vietnam are often collectively referred to as bird chirps its pig breeding pigs known. Owl barn owl is their medium and large size, large head, strong legs with sharp claws. Our ethos is flat like a disc face, heart-shaped, is made of feathers. The feathers also work to locate and amplify the sound when hunting. Thức ăn của chim lợn là chuột và các loài côn trùng Bird feed pigs and rats insects Barn owl wing feathers are also specially constructed should not emit noise when flying, help them hear better and avoid detection by prey. Barn owl with gray to brown back, chest and abdomen lighter color, may have mottled The smaller owls and wild boars often drive without heart-shaped face that is divided into 3 sections, hairy ears are covered. Barn owl extensive distribution, it can live in a desert environment, forest, in areas with temperate and tropical. Barn owl is present everywhere, except in North America, the Sahara desert and parts of Asia.   Barn owls are the assassins, to the speed of the wind and the razor sharp toenails. In Vietnam, there are three species of barn owl, barn owl include (Tyto alba stertens), wild boar shot Oriental (Phodilus badius saturatus) and back brown barn owl (Tyto longimembris). Barn owl and barn owl brown dorsal been put in the animals are predators of mice (mice’s food), prohibited the exploitation of nature. Wild boar shot taken in the Vietnam Red Book (of endangered levels Career T – threatened). This is the aesthetic value species and science, is a source of precious genes. Although there are wild boar shot wide distribution but less number of individuals, are rare. Currently there is not yet determined how many fish can survive in the wild. Barn owl forests included in Vietnam’s Red Book Although barn owls are predators, very precious, but because the concept superstitious, so we have the discrimination with this bird. In the slang of the Vietnamese people, “barn owls” only bad people, specializing snooping as owls and other scavenged. Related link: emperor penguin facts From “barn owls” also for those who do illegal business, smuggling. Ascription unjust it causes the animal conservation more difficult. Around the world, people see it as a bird with unique beauty, beloved. We have heart-shaped face very funny. The smooth coat has many quite beautiful patterns.  

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