Venom: The Most Precious Blood Everlasting Monster Ever

Venom: The Most Precious Blood Everlasting Monster Ever

Criticism critically accentuates the logo Ten Xu – China appeared extremely prominent on the screen, the audience to the cinema watching Venom with the mind “to know”. However, most of them will realize that the movie is not so bad. Ignoring the fact that it is so far away and so misguided that the character has been brainwashed for generations, Venom is truly an attractive anti-hero.

When the new movie, The Nun, with its boring jump scare and its whimsical hooligans, was thrown away, 27% of Rotten Tomatoes were still $ 330 million (and more) all over the world. Possessing superb performance, the action – the pinnacle of excellence can also “wade back the line” box office revenue despite the rain “brick” from the critics.


Forget Spider-Man Venom 3 and do not read comic to a new Venom.

Set in San Francisco, when humanity is languishing against evil diseases. Carlton Drake scientist has opened a new direction, leaving the search on the ground or the ocean bottom, he ships the space and brings back the specimen from the distance to find new sources of species. However, the Life Foundation project is subject to extremely inhumane rumors. As the arrogant combination of arrogance from the blood, reporters Eddie Broke has sought to dispel this scandal. Because of that, he lost everything from home, lover and work. Then, on the second attempt to expose the true face behind the Life Foundation, he encounters his “destiny” – Venom.

It can be said, Venom is not a movie work is expected. The excellence of the Teenage Spider-Man thanks to Marvel’s hands makes many wish the day Venom returned under his father’s hand. In addition, transferring the rating from R to PG-13 (similar to C18 to C16 in Vietnam), most viewers are dissatisfied. Leaving the bloody monster after the two parts of the film, the extremely successful R label of Deadpool really is a difficult decision.

Nevertheless, Venom’s other comic does not exactly mean that the movie is a disaster. At least, anyone who is horrified in the Fantastic Four obsession Fantastic Four will find Venom a hundred thousand times more attractive!


In order to lower the viewing age limits, Sony has cut its weight dramatically, clearly from the start, and has led to a disruptive circuit. Although Ruben Fleischer is a talented director and the way Sony wants Venom to aim but impotence “three heads six hands” cover all defects. Fortunately, more and more later, a series of dramatic circumstances have filled up these mistakes. Although the audience still find the unreasonable and not smooth at the time of transition, they easily forget about being caught up in the adventures of Eddie Brock and Venom. Compared, the editorial team Alan Baumgarten and Maryann Brandon did better than their Suicide Squad colleagues. However, the film was cut off many scenes of bloody action should be simple to guess.

Tom Hardy’s dissatisfaction with the 40-minute cut was his most compelling, as Eddie Brock was a complete loss to the level of his ability. In the ordinary audience, compared to Spider-Man 3, the reporter was more sympathetic. Impulsive, floating, sometimes very weak but the general pride is not obnoxious. So, despite making a mistake, the old girlfriend is still willing to help him. However, in the film that the reason that Tom Hardy must possess the full glory, Eddie Brock is lost to the spotlight by another. Turns out, “Eddie Brock” Tom Hardy is just the opposite. The protagonist is an alien – Venom.

If Eddie Brock’s iconic “rose pink” more or less, the level of “bleaching” of Venom in his own name must surely reach the level that the laundry detergent dream forever not see. From Spider-Man’s metamorphic metamorphosis, Peter Parker, to the end of the classic series directed by Sam Rami becomes a nightmare, now Venom has become a parasite hard for anyone. hate it

Intelligent, friendly, powerful and super fun, Venom attracts all audiences right from the first time with a loud voice, childlike minds like to show off the adults and behave very well. funny. Although brain-grabbing eateries are not cut, viewers are impressed, but not scared. As Venom explains, he is just “gasping”. In particular, his love for Eddie Brock and the earth was so lovely.

The emotional interaction between Eddie Brock and Venom is extremely well built. There are before there, there is a climax, there are compassion, understanding, understanding and sacrifice. From the first formal meeting, the same overcoming the dilemma, divided by the disagreement to the reunion “beauty” to save “heroes” and join forces against the common enemy. Venom comes to Eddie as Doraemon meets Nobita, sure, most viewers watching Venom will die in love with this perfect duo.

However, because of the focus on Venom, not only “Eddie Brock” Tom Hardy was restricted but the other roles also drowned. Four-time Oscar nominee Michelle Williams deserves more land. In addition, the villain Carlton Drake needs elaborate not only impressed by the winning the prize winning multi-level sales.

Venom does not follow what the public wants, but is this a funny comedy that deserves to be called a disaster? Sony’s new space-building effort – another alternative to Fox or Marvel? Perhaps the audience only really got the answer after sitting to the last minute at the cinema. Of course, do not forget the two amazingly great after-effects credits.

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